Fourth of July Fun

Outdoor picnics, S’mores cooked on a bonfire, camping outside, and staying up late to catch fireflies.  Playing games outside with family, having a cookout, and letting the kids use sparklers before the promise of the big show of fireworks later at night.  Sitting around reminiscing about old times, watching movies, and a shorter workweek.  These are some of the good times I look forward to when Fourth of July rolls around.  It’s the middle of the summer, sandwiched between Memorial Day and Labor Day; when the days are long and the nights are longer.

Here in Michigan, we have the privilege of living close enough to the airport that we can see the fun of the annual Balloon Festival in our very own backyard.  We watch the Blue Angels practice and then get to watch their shows on air day and getting the privilege of seeing the hot air balloons take off or land, sometimes in our own backyard.

Fourth of July signifies the long, lazy days of summer.  Our garden is really growing, rewarding my husband’s hard work with lots of fresh vegetables.  If we’re lucky, we get a break from the heat of the summer and enjoy a few cooler days; if not, we jump into our in-laws pool to cool off.

What are your plans for the Fourth of July this year?  Are you spending it with family, friends, or a little of both?  Do you like the fireworks or do you prefer to turn in early?  Whatever your plans, I hope you take time to relax, regroup, and refresh.  That’s part of what summer should be about.

6 Replies to “Fourth of July Fun”

  1. Ahh, you make it sound so refreshing. I need to stop and enjoy these moments more. My goal for July… “relax, regroup, and refresh!”

  2. We love to go to the Richland Parade. And then we go to the home of friends and eat all their food.

  3. Isn’t it fun to reminisce a little bit about family memories and traditions? I hope our kids remember some of the fun stuff that I do about long, lazy summers or special holidays. Thanks for commenting, Melissa and Jessie.

  4. My husband & I will be celebrating our 30th anniversary on July 4th… amazing we’ll still together in an age of the non-marriage… and amazing that we’re actually old enough (when did that happen??) to celebrate! I hope everyone will have a beautiful July 4th.

  5. Happy Anniversary! How fun! What a great day for a wedding and a great way to celebrate every year – with fireworks. Wish we had thought of that! Congratulations and may God bless you with many, many more…

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