Depressed…Defeated…Deliver Brownies

Philippians 2:4: “not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.

Do you ever sometimes just feel blah?  Does the weight of the world make you feel heavy, tired, or sad for no reason in particular?  I know that happens to me at times.  There doesn’t have to be any one major life event that is crushing me…sometimes it’s just the stress of everyday living and I desire to jump off the speeding train for a night or a weekend or even just an hour to relax, reflect, and regroup.

When that happens, I turn to God first and discuss whatever is bothering me.  But, since I’m human, that doesn’t always automatically change my attitude completely.  So…I have started to get into the habit of deliberating making the choice to turn outward instead of staying focused inward.

I have found the best way to get out of a bad mood is to focus on brightening someone else’s day.  If I’m sad…then I think of someone else who is suffering and see what I can do to make them smile. If I’m hurt…then I ask God to bring to mind someone else who is hurt and find a way to cheer them up.  If I’m angry…then I try to come up with one activity that will bring happiness to a friend, a neighbor, or a complete stranger.

And guess what?  I may not automatically be cured of the funk that I’m in, but it does help.  Sometimes it takes repeatedly finding ways to minister, encourage, or just unexpectedly surprise others to help me remember and appreciate all the blessings in my own life.

I want to challenge you…the next time you are sad or depressed and the reason may not seem very clear, instead of wallowing in those feelings…get out there and deliver some brownies.  Not only will you put a smile on someone else’s face, but you might actually start smiling yourself!

2 Replies to “Depressed…Defeated…Deliver Brownies”

  1. Cheri,

    Negative thoughts are caused by improper perspective. When we put things in proper perspective (i.e. having an attitude of gratitude) instead of focusing on what’s wrong in our lives, we’ll be better off. Helping someone else who is worse off than us is a great cure for depression!

    Have a Victorious Day!

  2. Hi Cheri, I looked for your email address and I don’t seem to have it…so I’ll leave a message here on your blog. I caught your devotion today on Christian Devotions and I wanted to say well done! May God bless you and your growing family.

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