Do You Like Rain?

“Life isn’t about waiting for the showers to pass.  It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” (Vivian Greene)

I read this quote and fell in love with it.  It got me thinking…there are so many times in my life that were showers I wished would pass (my husband’s illness, our miscarriage, broken relationships), but if they hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t be who I am today.  Then I wondered…have I truly learned to dance in the rain?

I think the answer is yes…and no.  I’m getting better…I dance sooner…I recognize that good can come from heartbreak, but sometimes I still need to be reminded to see the beauty that comes along with the rain when it starts to fall…the rainbow that appears directly from God as the storm begins to subside.

In I Thessalonians 5:16-18, God instructs us to, “Rejoice always,  pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  That means that as the showers begin, I am to get out there and dance.  I am to praise God despite the circumstances, knowing with confidence that He is in control, He will figure it out, and He will take care of me as long as I put my trust in Him.  The answer may not be what I expected, but I can have confidence that it will be the right answer.

What about you?  What showers are occurring in your life?  Is it a steady rain that drips down, leaving you exhausted or a downpour that catches you off guard?  Are you seeing the rainbow yet as God shows you the blessings in the midst of the heartache or are the clouds still surrounding you, black as night?

Today I don’t leave with you a challenge so much as a heartfelt prayer.  I pray that at the beginning of your next shower, instead of hiding in the house or under an umbrella, you will boldly walk out into the rain and begin your own unique dance.  God doesn’t care what the steps look like, how fast, slow, long, or short the choreography is….He is more concerned with the fact that you boldly stepped out in the middle of the thunder and lightning, trusting Him to take care of you, to guide you, and to see you through until the sun shines again.  Now let me see you dance!



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  1. Cheri,

    Rainbows have been a special sign to me that my troubles were about to end. He reminded me of it in Isaiah 54:9 – “For this is like the waters of Noah to Me;
    For as I have sworn That the waters of Noah would no longer cover the earth,
    So have I sworn That I would not be angry with you, nor rebuke you.

    Like you, I’m learning to dance earlier and more often during the rain.

    Have a Victorious Day!

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