The Idea of…

Deuteronomy 15:10: “Give generously to them and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the LORD your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to” (NIV).

I love the idea of being a size 5 without having to exercise or watch what I eat.  I also love the idea of a spotless house without having to consistently clean under the crevices, scrub the floors, or use any elbow grease.  I love the idea of earning the paycheck of a President while working ten hours per week, or snapping my fingers and dinner is cooked, served, and cleaned up, laundry done, and errands run.

The ideas above might be funny, but what if you like the idea of parenting more than investing in the lives of your children? Or, you like the idea of being married without being willing to spend time to make it meaningful?  What about the idea of being a Christian without the actual commitment to God in a personal relationship?

The idea of something is always easier, but real life dictates that whatever we truly want, we will work toward, willingly.  Some days it’s harder than others to get off the computer and engage in Bible study or prayer time, fix something extra nice for dinner “just because it’s your husband’s favorite meal,” or ask your kids if they want to read a book, play a game, or take a bike ride.  But…if you are consistent in your acts of love, I think you will find that soon you’re getting as much pleasure out of your effort as you are giving to those you love.

And, really, at the end of your life, do you want to be known as the person with the most “friends” on Facebook, or do you want to be remembered as an awesome storyteller…or the woman who married her soulmate…or as someone who loved God more than anyone or anything?

As much as I love surfing the internet and reading a great book, that’s not how I want to be remembered. I, myself, want to be known as someone who loved God more than herself and served Him with my whole heart.  I want to know firsthand my husband’s favorite candy, TV shows, hobbies, and ice cream flavor.  I want to be the “snack house” for my kids’ friends, to learn my kids’ fears, dreams, and interests, and know what makes them feel loved by me the most.  I want to have more inside jokes with my family than points on Minecraft.  I want to listen to my parents’ memories, and take time to hear my friend’s struggles.

I don’t want to like the idea of life…I want to live life.



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  1. I am reading a novel right now about a man who had parents who were completely self-absorbed. And their selfishness seemed so okay to them, but it just starved him emotionally. It makes me think about how much time I am investing in my own kids, and what they will reap from my efforts!

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