Change Or Variety

Change:  To undergo transformation, transition, or substitution (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Variety: Something differing from others of the same general kind (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Is anyone else a mixture of opposites?  I realized the other day that while I love variety in my life, I absolutely hate change.  I love mixing up the flavors of coffee I drink, what kind of exercise I participate in, and what books I read, but I tend to order the same things on the menu at the same restaurants, wear the same clothes and fix my hair the exact same way, as well as drive to the same stores on the same days of the week and buy the same groceries and other household supplies.

The above things I described aren’t life and death if I mix them up or keep them the same.  However, it’s a little more detrimental to my emotional, physical, and/or spiritual health if I refuse to change when God is calling me to stretch, refuse to give money to help someone in need because I want to buy an iced mocha, or refuse to move to a different town, state, or country because I am afraid I won’t know anyone, they might not have heard of Biggby, or I might not make any friends.  What if God is calling me to step out and start a new group at church or even more, leave the church I’m currently attending because He has a ministry waiting for me somewhere else?  What about calling me to adoption but I enjoy the 2.5 children I have with their controlled messes and manageable noise level?  How about a new career that God might be calling me to pursue?  I might have to take a pay cut, change my hours, or work with people that I don’t think I can relate to.

I’m learning that to truly obey God, I have to learn to embrace change.  I still don’t always like it, but if God is truly calling me to change, then He will supply.  The change may not be smooth sailing, but I’ll soon see God’s hand in the middle and that will help me deal with the obstacles that could be present to help refine me, mold me, and shape me into the person God wants me to ultimately become.

If I’m always going to same restaurants and eating the same foods, I might never discover that I really love sushi or fish tacos, or some other combination that I never in a million years would’ve thought to try.  The same goes for our lives.  There might not be anything wrong with staying in your comfort zone, but if God is calling you to come out, I know He’ll bless that obedience in one way or another.  And just think, you might be the person God is calling to bless someone else.  You’ll never know unless you take that first step to mix things up a bit.


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