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“Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’” Matthew 22:37 (NIV).


So how did I succeed embracing the interruptions in life instead of letting life dictate what happened? First, I prayed and asked God to help realign my priorities with His. Just as some people are born to have a career, I’ve always had a deep desire to stay home and raise our family.  But, I’d need to juggle some form of a career while having that privilege. I’m blessed to have a steady income while working toward a career that was more in line with my gifts and talents. However, at times, this transition phase was crazy! My heart wanted one-on-one talks and dates with my husband, but I was met with deadlines and turn-around- times that left me exhausted. I spent more quality time with work than with those I worked to provide for.

Once I prayed and asked God for a solution to my insane schedule, I waited. I continued to work to the best of my ability, and praised God for a solution, as I knew He would give it in His time. The answer began sooner than I thought and certainly not in the way I expected. I love God’s sense of humor!

In addition, while I waited for God to direct me His way, I began to have a heart change. I realized I needed to change the way I viewed life. I needed to embrace the interruptions, because, in actuality, some of life’s greatest moments occur when we least expect it. Letting work sit for a few more hours so I could enjoy a lunch date with my mom; agreeing to tackle a home project with my daughter while she shared with me some struggles; or popping some popcorn, picking a movie, and snuggling up as a family for a night of laughs. These were some of the things I hadn’t allowed myself to enjoy because I was too busy checking off my “to do” list. It took me realizing how replaceable I am at work and irreplaceable with those I love to see the reality of how misplaced my priorities had become.

I thanked God He gave me the desire to obey Him and that He helped make possible the shift I needed to realign my priorities in the correct order.

Does this mean I automatically get it right all the time? No! There are still deadlines and responsibilities that loom large. However, when I put God first and ask for His help to juggle work, finances, and other tasks, I’m rewarded with a pleasant surprise. I actually enjoy life’s interruptions because that means I’m living the life God intended.

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