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More Like Moses than Joseph Part I

“…because when we’re on an adventure with God we’re too excited to be afraid and too engaged to be thinking of anything else” (Bob Goff, Love Does).

I’m a risk taker wanna be. I love the idea of an adventure while sitting on my comfortable couch. If I really feel like living on the dangerous side, I might eat some popcorn (a potential choking hazard) while watching other people live life. At least that’s how I saw myself up until two years ago. Thankfully, God didn’t see me that way. He always saw the part of me that wanted to take risks and live life fully for Him, despite the fear that tried to take over. And, even more thankfully, I’m glad God didn’t leave me comfortable on the couch but slowly and gently began guiding me toward living the life He had planned for me.

You see, it all started approximately two years ago when my husband presented me with a Christmas present. You know it’s a gift from the heart when the conversation begins, “Let me finish before you say anything.” I’d casually dreamed aloud for a few years about my passion for writing…how I came alive when I had a chance to sit at the computer and write. I tried not to bore him when I spoke about my dreams because I know writing isn’t his passion, but he always listened, always supported, and always encouraged. So when he presented me with the gift of the conference that started me on my path toward fulfilling what I believed was God’s desire for my life, I was scared but determined. My husband armed himself with the answers to the obstacles he knew I would see and sure enough, he thought of everything.

I remember coming home tens months’ later from the event and thinking, “Okay, if this is what our family is going to embark on, we better saturate it in prayer. I don’t want to do anything without God’s blessing because I think this is going to be a wild ride.” We prayed, fasted, and committed our future to God in a deeper way than we ever had before. And then we started the journey.

© 2013 Cheri Swalwell


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