You Reap What You Sow – Part II

“God doesn’t want us to catch the vision of getting.  He wants us to catch the vision of giving”

(Robert Morris, The Abundant Life).


When we choose to do life God’s way, blessings usually follow. When we choose to ignore God’s truths, we leave His protective covering and therefore we’re subject to the consequences of sin.

You might argue with me, stating there are many Christ followers who obey God’s principles and yet they’re suffering traumatic events in their lives. Even though she ate healthy, she still was diagnosed with cancer. Even though he worked faithfully at his job for thirty years, he was let go due to downsizing just as his kids were entering college. Even though she turned the other cheek and forgave her friend for spreading lies multiple times, her reputation has been smeared.

Yes, those things happen. As long as we live in a fallen world where sin exists, there will always be exceptions. However, I’ve found when we praise God during the bad times and continue to obey and make good choices despite the bad circumstances, good will eventually occur. The lady who ate healthy but contracted cancer, if she stays on the course of healthy living, probably was in better shape to handle the disease than someone who had multiple comorbidities to begin with. The man who lost his job after being a faithful employee, may have a great reputation which will help him secure a better job than the one he was blessed with initially. The woman whose reputation was smeared may be able to take that experience and use it to help others facing similar situations, offering comfort and hope to other victims.

I won’t be able to predict when I will reap blessings from the good deeds I have consistently practiced in my life, but I’m assured of this. Blessings will be reaped. If I choose to raise my children with a blend of love and boundaries, they’ll grow up having had a model of what a healthy family looks like. They’re more likely to continue that cycle than if all they experienced was negativity, criticism, and judgment. If I choose to live a life marked with honesty, I can sleep peacefully at night knowing I haven’t made enemies by cheating, lying or stealing what rightfully belonged to another. If I choose to focus my attention on loving my husband instead of wishing for a different life, my marriage will be healthier, more fulfilling, and satisfying to us both.

Come back one more time when we finish talking about the concepts of reaping what you sow.

© 2013 Cheri Swalwell

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