Swimming in a Different River – Part II

“I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you” Psalm 119:11 (NIV).


Last time we talked about how staying in the same unhealthy environment does not promote permanent change.  However there are things we can do to help make positive changes more permanent.

For myself, when I seek out Scriptures which address the area I’m striving to change gives me extra encouragement to keep progressing in the area of change. Memorizing the verses with my kids is a great incentive and at least for me, they usually master them before I do which motivates me to complete the challenge. Also, when I ask a friend to join me on the journey, that gives me accountability on those days when I need a little extra nudge to keep swimming.

A friend reminded me earlier this year that since I was God’s daughter, I already possessed self control. It was already a blessing I had thanks to Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. I just had to choose to accept the gift and start using it. By changing my river, victory in this area will come sooner and last longer.

Everyone’s “new normal” will look different, but the one constant for us all will be a heart change as well as a change in our line of thinking. When we line up our actions consistently with God’s word and walk in obedience, true freedom will last.

What new river do you need to start swimming in? Do you have an issue with anger, lying, or maybe like me, self control? What are some ways you can permanently change your address so that you also can start experiencing permanent victory? Is there someone you can ask to come alongside you to make the journey easier?

© 2013 Cheri Swalwell

5 Replies to “Swimming in a Different River – Part II”

  1. Your friend’s reminder is a good one for me too; walking in the victory that Jesus has already provided shifts the focus from me to Him. That’s always a good thing in my life.

  2. As Jesus is so are we in this world. It’s a challenge to accept that I already have victory in Jesus when my circumstances are screaming defeat! However the TRUTH will set us free!
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    1. I struggle with the same feelings. So glad feelings are fleeting and truths are eternal. Things aren’t always as they seem and with the Christian walk, so much is opposite the “normal.” I guess I like being “abnormal” sometimes.

      Thanks for sharing, Marianne. Praying for you that the truths you cling to will start to become evident and seen.

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