LungLeavin’ Day

I started blogging in 2011 as a way to provide encouragement to others while we journey through life together, sharing my heart for my Father. As a result, I have received many blessings along the way. One such blessing is the chance to interact with some terrific people I might not have otherwise met here on earth. It thrills me to say how many friends I have made through the interaction that my blog has provided.
Today I want to share with you a terrific couple who reached out to me. Meet Cameron and Heather Von St. James. They have their own website and tell their story much better than I ever could, so I want to encourage you to follow this link and find out all about them for yourself:

I was contacted by Cameron and feel honored that they asked me to participate in “‘LungLeavin’ Day,” an annual celebration they began seven years ago. As I learned more about the history behind this special day, I caught their excitement. You see, they took what was a tragedy for their family and turned it into a celebration not just for themselves, but for everyone who wants to participate. And I’m excited to say that I’m participating this year as well.

Follow this link to get the full effect of what LungLeavin’ Day is really all about:

(Again, they say it much better than I ever could.)

Smashing plates


As part of the participation, they asked me to share one of my fears for 2014 and how I plan to overcome it. Well, I love how my Father has a great sense of humor since I released a book in December 2013, titled: Spoken from the Heart: Journey from Fear to Faith. As a result, coming up with a fear that needed to be overcome wasn’t too difficult.

There are so many fears I could have chosen from, but I think the biggest one that struck me was fear of finances. I’ve shared on here before how God began preparing our family for our journey a while ago and how He has been leading the way for us since August, when my income was drastically reduced. I’ve shared how God has not only taken care of us, but blessed us beyond in ways I couldn’t have imagined. However, as I still am not making the income we need, that “fear” crept up again in January and Satan continued to try to get me to believe the lies that God wouldn’t provide. Not couldn’t, but wouldn’t. I decided I didn’t want to listen to him, so I chose to participate in a fast, giving God not only my fears about money but also relinquishing all control over that area of my life and letting Him guide.

This time, God answered almost immediately. Not only with peace, but with a plan. The path that He started us down last fall isn’t over. He showed me that while I’m being obedient in the areas He has asked of me, He has giving me a glimpse of the map He has given our family and how He wants me to obey. It all takes time so we’re still depending on Him to provide monthly, and I don’t see that ever changing even when our paychecks stabilize. The biggest lesson I’ve learned through this whole journey is that it all belongs to Him. Our dependence will remain on our Father, not our paychecks. Meanwhile, I continue in the peace that we’re walking in His plan.

So, for me, in 2014: I’m smashing a plate against financial fears and walking in peace, knowing God not only provides “enough,” but THE BEST. Living in that peace is a great place to reside.

Thank you, Cameron and Heather, for your contagious excitement and your encouragement to others to join you in celebrating the release of fears while choosing faith. I look forward to watching how God will help spread the word about “LungLeavin’ Day”.

I feel privileged to have been invited to participate. Again, I encourage others to go to the link below and read about this exciting event, taking place on February 2nd, across the Country. What a great way to continue 2014: Releasing fears and living in faith.

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