Extremely Connected

“Shout your praises to God, everybody! Let loose and sing! Strike up the band!  Round up an orchestra to play for God, Add on a hundred-voice choir.  Feature trumpets and big trombones, Fill the air with praises to King God.  Let the sea and its fish give a round of applause, With everything living on earth joining in.”

Psalm 98:4-7 (The Message)


I can’t tell you what triggered it.  I can tell you where I was when it occurred.  It was an otherwise ordinary day and my family and I were walking home from my in-laws.  It’s a short walk, really.  Across the field.  I wasn’t talking, just watching…when all of a sudden I was filled with an overwhelming love for my Heavenly Father.  Not for anything in particular.  Just…for everything!  Then I started to feel guilty.  I know…you are probably thinking why?

My thinking went like this.  “I should be thankful like this all the time, Lord, never taking for granted the blessings You have given me of being alive, having the love of a family, extended family, friends, health, food, a safe house, etc.” Then I got quiet and just listened.  Soon, I saw God’s response.

He drew my attention to my husband, up ahead, actively engaged in a fun conversation with our oldest.  I watched him smile the way that melts my heart and I was reminded of the fact I love my husband all the time, but there are certain times when I feel especially close to him.  During those times, my heart swells to overflowing with love for my best friend, the father of my children.  It doesn’t mean I don’t love him any other time, it just means I appreciate even more what he means to me.

That realization took away the guilt I had been feeling and I was free to continue to enjoy the overwhelming love I was experiencing toward the Creator of the Universe.  I realized I don’t have to feel guilty when my feelings are less enthusiastic, I don’t have to feel better about myself when they are overwhelming. Feelings shift constantly and I don’t have to feel guilty about that.

Just like with my husband, God knows my love for Him never disappears.  Sometimes, though, I get the pleasure of experiencing moments of overwhelming love that take my breath away. When life’s burdens weigh me down, it’s nice to be able to remember just how blessed I really am.  As with my husband, I treasure those times of feeling extremely connected to my Heavenly Father.

© Cheri Swalwell 2014



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