Free or False Advertising?

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.” Mark 10:27 (NIV)


My mother-in-law gave me an amazing gift for my birthday last year.  Our family verse is Matthew 19:26, and she found a purse with matching wallet that says, “With God all things are possible.”  Mark 10:27 (NIV).  I absolutely love the gift and I’m finding, others do too.

Ever since receiving the beautiful present, complete strangers will come up to me at stores or other venues and remark about how they love my purse.  I have met some of the nicest people as a result.  One woman chased me through Meijer just so she could tell me how much she appreciated my fashion accessory.  Another lady and I ended up chatting for ten minutes and parted ways after exchanging a sisterly hug, even though we were generations apart and had been virtual strangers only moments before.

I have to admit, sometimes I forget the message hanging off my shoulder, and as a result, instead of pleasing my Father whom I represent, I’m pretty sure I embarrass or anger Him.  You see, it’s similar to the “Jesus fish” bumper sticker which used to be so popular.  I never put one on my car because in all honesty, I’m not the best of drivers and would hate to misrepresent my Father.  I’m not mean and don’t engage in road rage.  If anything, people get road rage because of following behind me or having me follow them.*

However, by “wearing” God’s Word on my shoulder, I’m advertising for Him, consciously or unconsciously.  I realized the gift my mother-in-law gave me was two-fold.  First, it was special because it was beautiful and she lovingly bought me something that held special meaning to me and my family.  Second, my major goal in life is to live authentically for my Father.  I want to represent Him well in my public and private life.  The worst “secret” I want my children to keep about our family is how weird mom looks when she wakes up in the morning with bedhead, not that “the lady you meet at school functions doesn’t match the lady we call ‘mom’ at home.”

By wearing my Father on my shoulder, it’s a daily reminder to make sure all parts of me please Him.  My attitude at home as well as at the store.  I use self control on my grumpy days so innocent bystanders don’t become victims.  Grace, which I am putting into practice this year on a regular basis, is seen and freely given to everyone – cashiers, drivers, family, and friends.

I have a choice in life – to be free advertising for the One I claim to love with my whole heart or false advertising due to my own issues and lack of love.  I choose to be free advertising so that others can know His great love as well.  However, I’m sure there will be days that false advertising leaks out.  I ask for grace once or twice, but if you see it becoming a habit, please call me on it.  I want to be the best representation possible for the One who loves us all.

(For the record, my husband will be teaching our children how to drive.  I have a safe driving record, so anyone riding with me is completely safe.  I’m just not someone whom should be teaching lasting driving habits to impressionable people.) 

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  1. I have the same wallet in black, but I’ve had it for years & it is worn out. 😥 Please tell me where I can order another one.🙏

    1. It was a gift so I don’t know exactly, but I believe it was online. Blessings to you. It would be beautiful in black. Here’s hoping you can find another = maybe even receive it for Christmas. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing – glad you’re part of our family!

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