Spoken from the Heart: Connections is now available


Do you like getting lost in large crowds or prefer the intimacy of

one-on-one conversations? Do you enjoy the close ties of having one sibling or were you born as one of many?

Maybe you’re an only child with doting parents…

Regardless of your background or basic personality type, we can all agree on one thing – the fundamental need to connect with others. The One who created this world designed us all with an innate craving to connect on a deeper level with each other – so that we would desire a relationship with Him.

I began a personal journey with my Heavenly Father when I was six years old, but it’s taken me years to discover the depth of His desire for closeness with me as well. Maybe you’ve never been introduced to the God of the Universe or possibly you consider Him a casual acquaintance. Maybe you’ve taken that step to accept His invitation of a personal relationship, but are left with the question, “Now what?” Consider me that friend who’s bringing you to the “party of the decade” or encouraging you while we drink coffee one-on-one. I invite you to join me as we explore different ways to connect with those around us and ultimately with the One who guides us into genuine connections with everyone we encounter.


Connections Kindle



Spoken from the Heart: Connections is the sixth book in the Spoken from the Heart series, but the series itself has something for everyone.  Each book listed below is available at Amazon and/or Deeper Shopping in Paperback and eBook forms.  Paperback books cost between $5 and $6.25, and each eBook is priced at only $1.47.  I wanted to offer books that would offer encouragement, inspiration, and hope without breaking anyone’s piggybank.  Below I have listed the other books in the Spoken from the Heart series so you can pick the perfect gift for that special someone in your life, or better yet, to purchase for yourself for those times you need a little extra encouragement or inspiration.


Spoken from the Heart: Journey from Fear to Faith

Spoken from the Heart: Taking it to the Next Level

Spoken from the Heart: Digging Deeper

Spoken from the Heart: Parenting 101

Spoken from the Heart: Parenting 101 Vol. 2


Click on the link below for easy shopping at:

Deeper Shopping: bit.ly/M0r9Qd

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1iWexWr


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  1. Congrats Cheri!  Love the cover and the concept.  Many will be blessed by your writing. 

    Have a Victorious Day!  Marianne

    Sent via phone so please excuse typos and brevity.

    1. Thanks Marianne for your support and encouragement and friendship! Your friendship and willingness to connect is a blessing in my life. Blessings to you and William today and everyday.

      in Him,

      Cheri 🙂

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