I Can’t NOT Obey – Part I

“God doesn’t get upset with us asking for confirmation. He’s proud of us for making sure we’ve heard Him correctly.”  Bob Yandian   I began January 2014 fasting for 21 days.  It is my way of dedicating the new year to God, showing Him He has control over every aspect of my life. One morningContinue reading “I Can’t NOT Obey – Part I”

True Blessings Come From Real Relationships – Part II

“I am a faith person — in the way of God’s awesome character…He is for us and often I settle for less than His best.” Bethany M. I received an email this week from a friend who wanted to share some great news with me.  She had been having a conversation with God about howContinue reading “True Blessings Come From Real Relationships – Part II”

True Blessings Come From Real Relationships – Part I

“until His sovereign will becomes your sanctified wish, your prayer life will be unplugged from its power supply. And getting what you want isn’t the goal, the goal is glorifying God by drawing circles around the promises, miracles, & dreams He wants for you.” (Mark Batterson, Draw the Circle)   I grew up the youngestContinue reading “True Blessings Come From Real Relationships – Part I”

God Loves Failures

“…Because failure is good at convincing us it’s too late, even before we even start…I swallowed down my frustration…I didn’t remember my failure. I remembered what God can do with it.” (Kristen, We Are THAT Family)   How many times have I gotten a “great” idea, thinking it will bring our family together, start aContinue reading “God Loves Failures”

Building a Foundation that Lasts

“Empire building can consume a lifetime and while the rewards can be great during that lifetime, if we want to build something that lasts, we need to invest our lives in the Lord’s work. We may not live to see that investment pay a dividend, but we have God’s promise that it always will.” RoseContinue reading “Building a Foundation that Lasts”