God Loves Failures

“…Because failure is good at convincing us it’s too late, even before we even start…I swallowed down my frustration…I didn’t remember my failure. I remembered what God can do with it.”

(Kristen, We Are THAT Family)


How many times have I gotten a “great” idea, thinking it will bring our family together, start a new tradition, or just create some wonderful memories and by the time we’re finished, it has officially been labeled, “Do not attempt this again…EVER!”?

How many times has God whispered to my mother’s heart something He wants me to start with our family, but when I try to implement those changes, they are met with resistance and distractions and disastrous attempts?

Then I remembered what God has been teaching me all last year…He doesn’t want me perfect.  Just like I don’t want my kids perfect.  If they were perfect, life would be boring.  And, if they were perfect, it would just highlight all my mistakes and I really don’t want that.

You see…just as we don’t need (or want) perfect kids, God doesn’t want or expect perfect children.  If we’re perfect, then we quickly lose sight of the Truth – that He is the only perfect in the equation and He’s the Master at fixing our mistakes.  So while He doesn’t want perfect, He does want our heart.


We don’t have to look very far to be reminded that God used imperfect people in the Bible all the time to accomplish great things in His name.  Remember Moses? He killed a fellow Egyptian out of anger…then was used by God to free the Israelites and lead them in the desert for forty years, teaching them how to obey God.  Rahab?  She was a prostitute whom God used to save the spies from being killed and as a result her entire family was spared and her name is added to the lineage of Jesus in the Bible. Anyone remember Paul…first Saul?  He killed and tortured Jews, only to have an encounter with God which changed his life and then become one of the most outspoken and influential men to be used by God, helping many others find a relationship with Him.

Realizing God uses my imperfections for His glory helps take the pressure off.  Now when I hear God whisper an idea that He wants me to try, I have confidence that as long as I walk in the right direction, with the right attitude, He will keep me moving in the right direction or put me back on the right path.  Sometimes, when great things are about to happen, my imperfections show through most clearly.

Remembering that when my attempts end up more destructive than decorative, I have peace that God can take my mess and turn it into something worthy to hang on His refrigerator. He wants my heart…and that will always be His.

© Cheri Swalwell 2014

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