True Blessings Come From Real Relationships – Part II

“I am a faith person — in the way of God’s awesome character…He is for us and often I settle for less than His best.”

Bethany M.

I received an email this week from a friend who wanted to share some great news with me.  She had been having a conversation with God about how tired she was and needing a getaway to rejuvenate and refresh.  She let her mind wander and thought about how perfect it would be for such and such to happen.  She wasn’t asking God for anything.  She wasn’t pretending He was a genie in a bottle, but just sitting there as a daughter sharing her thoughts, dreams, and wishes with her Father.

Two days later, God overwhelmed her with an answer that was more than she could have dreamed.  She received a call from another friend who offered her a weekend retreat in Hawaii, plane ticket and accommodations taken care of.  “Just because.” My friend hadn’t shared her conversation with anyone but God.


I have had similar things happen in my life.  I remember one time in particular our family was going through a faith-stretching period.  God was demonstrating His provisions for our needs repeatedly, but always in my love language.  I remember thanking God repeatedly for His provisions and then one day asking Him if He would be willing to provide in a way for our family that spoke directly to my husband’s heart? Something so awesome that he would know it could only come from God.  And then I went about my day…trusting that my conversation with God was heard and confident that if God wanted to answer “yes” He would and if not, His will was best.  I didn’t ask for anything specific – just that God would shower love on my husband.

Within the week, I received a phone call from relatives asking me if we wanted a 32 inch flat screen TV…for free.  We had a box (tube?) TV that was many years old.  I asked my husband when he came home that night if he would like a 32 inch flat screen TV for free.  There was no hesitation when he gave his answer.

I hadn’t talked to anyone about my conversation with God except God.  I wasn’t looking for material possessions or wealth…I didn’t ask for a flat screen TV or anything specific.  I was just a daughter asking her Daddy to speak love to her husband…and what better way to shower blessings to my best friend than through how he relaxes at night? We have had the TV for almost a year now and every time I look at it, I’m reminded not just of the amazing generosity of our relatives, but I’m reminded of how God wants to bless us sometimes “just because.”

Does that mean every time I ask God for a blessing He will automatically give it to me?  Do you, as a parent, give your children everything they ask for simply because they ask? No – and neither does God.  Does God want us to come to Him always asking for things and never developing a relationship? No again.  He desires a close relationship with us as well.

Developing and savoring a deep relationship with my Father is the true blessing.  Anything He chooses to give beyond that is just an extra blessing.

© Cheri Swalwell 2014

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  1. Cheri, what a great point you make: real relationship with the perfect father. 🙂 He is amazing and is expert at showing me where I’m at and where I need to grow up. He calls out the best in us all; just like a father to challenge us and believe in us to be “all-in and not settle for less than the best.” (and His best for me is a better perspective -smile-) –Been tween-y lately but pushing for maturity–

    1. I love how you put it, Bethany – great clarity on some hard to grasp truths sometimes. Thanks for joining in the discussion and I can’t wait to hear more from you! Welcome to the family!

      in Him,
      Cheri 🙂

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