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In 2013, our family started a journey.  I thought it was just a journey God wanted me to take so that I could stop living life in fear and start living life from the faith I had in Him… for every area of my life. However, that journey soon turned into a choice. Would we, as a family, embrace the adventure God had for us or would we choose the path less traveled? Our family made the choice to embrace the adventure… and while the road hasn’t been smooth, it has been incredible.

If your family is traveling an adventure of your own and you would like some encouragement, I would love to be that friend.  Let me walk with you, offer you hope, peace and joy while you step out into the unknown… or just choose obedience and wait for God to speak details.

You can start at the beginning of my journey, during the summer of 2013, in:

Spoken from the Heart: Journey from Fear to Faith,

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in paperback and eBook versions.




Then, read how our family decided we were all in with:

Spoken from the Heart: Embracing the Adventure

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in paperback and eBook versions


Embracing the Adventure kindle cover


Stay tuned, soon to be released is the conclusion in:

Spoken from the Heart: The Adventure Continues

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in paperback and eBook versions.

More details to come…

TheAdventureContinuesKindle - FINAL

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