I Love Being a Mom to This Teenager

“And the Lord was gracious to Hannah; she gave birth to three sons and two daughters. Meanwhile, the boy Samuel grew up in the presence of the Lord.

I Samuel 2:21 (NIV)


This past summer I’ve really enjoyed watching our oldest thrive.  I think I noticed it more then because he had time to pursue things he enjoyed and had a passion for without the added responsibility of homework and time spent sitting in a classroom.  While he was hardly ever home because of his pursuits, I loved standing off to the side and just watching as he went after his goals with enthusiasm and accepted responsibility, because that’s what men do.


I thought the best part of being a mom was when my children were infants.  I loved being pregnant (despite morning sickness that lasted the entire day, almost the entire pregnancy) and thought the infant years were amazing.  I always wondered about the moms who went before me on this journey stating, “Just wait.  You’ll love each stage as much as you love the one you’re in now.”

Guess what?  They were right!  I love that our oldest has a great sense of humor.  I love watching him grow into the man God created.  God has blessed him with some great mentors in his life to help encourage him on this journey, because let’s be honest… great parents know that sometimes what you say is received better when said by someone else.  When we encourage other adults to breathe life into our kids and reinforce the values we believe, our kids are better for it.  His dad and I are blessed by the mentors our son has in his life, men of God who speak life over him.

I love that he uses his talents and is becoming a real leader – a trait that he will need to use in the role of husband and father.  I love how he still enjoys time with his family – whether watching Captain America: Civil War or going on family trips, he’s always up for an adventure.

He is at a bittersweet age.  My job as his mom is to continue to guide him and teach him skills so he will eventually gain full independence, but it’s a daily reminder that our time together as a family of five under one roof is slowly fading.  He was never ours to begin with – he has always been on loan from our Father.  I’m just glad that God allowed us the privilege to have a front row seat to watch him become the man God designed.

Yes, I can honestly say I love being the mom of this teenager.  While we have only two and a half more years with him under our roof, I can’t wait to watch him soar when he sets off on his own journey that God has called him to.  I’m glad God blessed me to be his mom.

Do you have any times you would like to share to encourage others about what you loved about having a teenager or teenagers?  Please share below.

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