I Love Being a Mom to This Grade Schooler

“A wise son brings joy to his father…” Proverbs 15:20 (NIV)


When my husband and I got married, we were older and therefore thought two children would be the perfect fit for our family.  However, after our daughter was born, as happy as I was to have two amazing kids, our family didn’t feel complete.  While we didn’t pursue any more, I wouldn’t have been upset had God blessed us with another.  Three years later, two lines appeared on the stick and I was over the top ecstatic.  Six short weeks’ later, the dream of another little one died the day I miscarried.

However, God wasn’t done with our family yet and despite the fact that we again didn’t actively pursue growing our family, almost exactly two years to the day, two lines appeared on the stick again.  The following July our bonus blessing was born.  As this little one was growing inside me, my husband told me that he was going to live with no regrets.  He encouraged me to treasure not just every single minute with our bonus blessing, but with every single child God loaned to us.  I believe we have done that fairly well.


Because of our bonus blessing, I have met some amazing women – teachers, school staff and other moms.  These women pray with me and for me, and we have become quite a community together.

I’ve learned all things reptile, bird, amphibian, venomous and more.  I’ve learned to enjoy (yes, enjoy) holding snakes, bearded dragons and salamanders. I find myself catching spiders (I know) and letting them go outside instead of killing them and throwing them away.  I’ve been given the chance to savor yet again sticky hugs, muddy footprints, and elaborate drawings.

I love his sweet spirit toward animals, younger children or those who need a friend.  I love his adventurous spirit that gets him covered in mud, poison ivy, and thorn bushes.  I love his protective spirit that holds open the door for me because “Ladies first, Mom” and covers my eyes if we’re watching something on TV that he thinks will scare me.  I love his growing relationship with his Heavenly Father… spoken through his daily conversations with the God of the universe.

I love that he’s still young enough that while he loves spending time with his friends, I’m still invited to tag along.  I love his love for life… his excitement and wonder is so catching.  I love being invited to “check out this bird” or “come see what I found in the garden.”  I love that God blessed our family with a bonus blessing… our family felt complete the day he was born.  I’m glad God blessed me to be his mom.

© Cheri Swalwell 2016

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