Don’t Worry About Missed Blessings

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:17 (NIV)


One of my favorite things to do, especially closer to spring when the winter weather is (mostly) behind us, is to drive my littlest back and forth to school.  We have time to pray, talk and just connect for about seven minutes before separating to our own activities for seven hours until we’re together again.  One particular morning as I was driving, he was talking away and since I didn’t want to interrupt him, I didn’t point out the turkeys in the field or the cardinal that was right by the side of the road.  He loves all things birds, so inwardly I was a little disappointed he missed those “hugs” from God.

However, after he had finished praying, when we were almost to school, he excitedly called out from the back seat, “Look, Mom, turkeys…” and two second later, “…and a red cardinal!”  The first thought I had was, “Isn’t that just like our Heavenly Father? He made sure our little boy didn’t miss those hugs by giving him another chance to see and appreciate their beauty.” 

 While I believe that hug was aimed specifically for our son, God had a bigger lesson to give to me. This morning I woke up stressed! I wasn’t even fully awake and I already had a sense of dread settled in my stomach.  In January God called me to give notice at one of my jobs and I believed He was doing that so I would have room in my schedule to add what He had next on His agenda.  Well, I have been struggling with making sure I only say yes to the “best yeses” that He wants me to commit to and practice my “no” voice for those things that are still great, but don’t fit as well with our family’s schedule.

One assignment I’ve already accepted and am super excited about.  When it was presented to me one week after I gave notice, the timing, the assignment, everything lined up with my ministry and gifts.  I had immediate peace about it and just needed to work out the details.  This past week I was offered another opportunity and while I don’t know the specifics about it yet, I’ve been praying, seeking my husband’s counsel and feel peace about this as well.  However, in the meantime, I need to have another conversation to fix some assumptions I wrongly gave out of fear, instead of waiting for God’s best.  I hate when I do that.  While that opportunity also would be wonderful, I don’t think it’s the best fit for my family and doesn’t bring peace.

I believe God allowed me to glimpse His love this morning through turkeys and cardinals.  While I saw that our son missed the first turkeys and cardinal that God was trying to show him, God made sure to open His eyes to see them the second time.  I believe God does the same for us.  When we’re truly asking for His direction, His wisdom and what His best is for our lives that lines up with His Word, then we really don’t need to worry if we miss it the first time.  God will present it to us again until our eyes are open.

After I arrived home, I spent a few minutes with God and thanked Him for that word picture.  I thanked Him for showing our son some of His beautiful creatures before he got to school but I thanked Him more for the reassurance He gave to me that when I’m looking for His direction, He will make sure I don’t miss it.

© Cheri Swalwell 2017

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