Would You Be Willing to Share Your Opinion?

Good Morning Spoken from the Heart Family:


I have a question I was hoping you would all help me with today.  I’m in the process of publishing a life group/Bible study.  The study is a survival guide for caregivers, those who take care of the loved ones in their lives who are sick.  While the study is written from the viewpoint of a caregiving spouse; I believe the points talked about in the study would be useful in all family caregiving situations.

I have two possible titles and can’t decide which one is better… or maybe neither.

Would you look at the two titles below and write in the comment section which one speaks to you more?  Which title would make you want to pick up and read the book or join the group if offered at your church? If you don’t like either, please let me know that also.

Thanks for taking a few minutes and helping me this morning.  Praying blessings over your week!


In Sickness or Health:

God’s Survival Guide for Caregiving Spouses




Caregiver’s Guide to Survival:

How to Thrive God’s Way


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