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“God reminded me that even though I can’t see how He’s working… He’s working behind the scenes, getting everything ready so He can answer the prayer in His time. And that offered me encouragement. I have heard a lot of silence this fall… but also been given encouragement at times to keep going. God knows what we need… and faith isn’t faith when we see the road ahead. True faith is continuing to believe even though it appears as though nothing is progressing. As I mentioned in the previous chapter, God tends to give me encouragement before I need it… and He had encouraged me to believe this fall. He knew I would have moments of disbelief. He knew people would question whether or not I had truly heard God correctly. He knew I would wonder if God had forgotten about us and if things were truly going to change or not… God was still working. He was still lining things up so that when the time was right, when we were prepared for the next step, everything behind the scenes would be ready and waiting for His word.”

Excerpt from Day 31: Spoken from the Heart: His Plan, His Purpose


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Spoken from the Heart:

Walking in Freedom

Living a Life of Obedience

God’s Joy Lasts a Lifetime

His Plan, His Purpose

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