God Even Uses Times Tables

“He determines the number of the stars, and calls them each by name.
Great is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit.” Psalm 147:4-5 (NIV)


Have you ever had recurring dreams about forgetting your locker combination, being told you have to take a final test in a class you never attended all semester or something similar?  I used to have these types of dreams all the time.  Several months ago I woke up scared because I had a dream about forgetting my times tables.  Once I woke up, I realized it was just a dream and while math was never my specialty, those times tables I learned in school were still in my head.

God reminded me through that dream that while I don’t have to be afraid about the times tables anymore and have the skills and knowledge necessary to walk our youngest through the times tables when he is ready to learn them, it’s the same way with God for me.

God knows everything that’s going to happen to us in our lives even before we were born.  He not only knows all that is going to happen to us, but He also knows the outcome and has the best answer with a plan to put it in place as well.

Just as I don’t have to fear the times tables because I have already learned them and am proficient in them, I can use that wisdom to reassure our youngest when the time comes that he doesn’t have to fear them either because he has a parent who can help him learn them, when it’s time.

God is ready and waiting to help us through all the things in life we are faced with – when it’s time and in His way because His way is best.

The next time you are afraid because life gets scary, just remember that God already knows what you’re facing and has the best answer ready and waiting.  Just go to Him, talk to Him about your fears and listen for His wisdom and direction on how to solve it.

While I won’t be able to help our kids with all their math problems because I simply don’t have the skills, God can definitely help us with any problem we face because He’s all powerful, all knowing and always has the best answer ready. He’s just waiting for us to ask.

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