Is there a mother in your life who has everything … but could use this????

Is there a mother in your life that has everything, but could use the one thing money can’t buy …


Spoken from the Heart: Parenting 101 Vol. 6

is available for sale TODAY.

If you order in the next few days on Amazon, it will arrive in time for Mother’s Day on Sunday – time to bless a friend, a mother, a sister, an aunt, a niece, a cousin.

There are six volumes to choose from … choose the one that speaks to your heart or buy them all today:

Parenting 101


When you envisioned being a parent, did it involve juggling a career, household duties, and extracurricular activities? Or, did you image being a stay-at-home parent who excels at growing a garden and keeping the budget balanced? Regardless of what type of parent you dreamed of being, I think we can all agree that when done right, parenthood is one of the most challenging, but rewarding jobs we’ll ever undertake. It takes skills to balance our time and finances alongside the needs of multiple children and household responsibilities. Our mission is to raise children who are self-sufficient and productive members of society – while at the same time making sure the most important goal is modeled daily – a personal relationship with God.

While some of your desires and passions may vary from mine, if you’re reading this book, we share the common thread of parenthood. With God’s wisdom and our choice to keep Him first in our lives, it will not only be successful but we will rekindle the joy we felt when our child was first placed in our arms. Please walk with me as I offer encouragement in what is hands down one of the biggest blessings in your life. I pray you’ll be challenged and inspired to continue to make a difference in the lives of those God lovingly entrusted to you.


Parenting 101 Vol. 2

Do you have one child and have the opportunity to focus solely on his individual strengths and weaknesses? Or are you the parent of multiple children each at varying developmental stages, with individual interests, hobbies, and challenges unique to them?

No matter how many children make up your own family structure, I think we can all agree. Just when we think we have this thing called “parenting” mastered, our children change, again, and we’re left wondering what to do next. Instead of getting frustrated, we can turn to the ultimate training manual, God’s Word, to help us maneuver these crucial years. By studying God’s blueprints and applying His truths, parenting turns into a gift, a way to embrace the fleeting years we have with our children under our roof and a chance to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Join me as we fill our homes with laughter, love, and the opportunity to model for our children a personal relationship with our Heavenly Father. Without His wisdom, this parenting journey would be much more difficult. I pray you will find answers to some of your questions, hope in the midst of struggles you might be experiencing, and a chance to sit and rest. Maybe you will find a new or deeper relationship with God in the process or just a place to start discovering all He wants to give you. As I love saying, “The God I serve is personal. What He’s willing to do for me, He’s waiting to do (and much more) for you.” Let’s sit down, friend-to-friend, as we seek to find some wisdom, peace, and happiness in this high energy, fast-paced world.


Parenting 101 Vol. 3

Do you remember the day your little one was placed in your arms? Does it sometimes feel as though the years are rushing by – not willing to slow down enough for you to savor these moments?

Parenting is a journey filled with opposites – laughter and tears, stolen moments and crowded days, sleepless nights and bleary-eyed mornings. However, I also pray that parenthood is something you look at with excitement, enthusiasm, and love.

Let this book offer encouragement, hope, humor, and an escape from your busyness to remember how special your children are and how much you love them. May the words remind you of Who blessed you with your family and while not perfect, perfectly handpicked for you!

Sit back, relax, and let’s journey together as we travel the road of parenthood.


Parenting 101 Vol. 4


When you think of parenthood, do you envision camping, late night movie marathons, and pillow fights?

Does parenting leave you filled with dread or excitement?

Parenting can be an opportunity filled with laugher and chances to build positive memories – both for yourself and your children. It’s a time to cherish the ones that God loaned to you for a little while, to help guide them in the direction God has planned for them and to be their friend throughout adulthood as you hold them tightly in your hearts forever.

Please join me while I encourage, challenge (just a little), and help you remember all the fun that parenting can be while reminding you it’s not a solitary assignment. We’re in this together…so let’s have some fun!




Parenting 101 Vol. 5


Now a days it seems as though everyone has an opinion on how you parent… and isn’t afraid to share it!

If you choose to read the words between these pages, don’t expect lectures, how-to guides or magic formulas. Nope. No judgement here. Just one parent to another, sharing my own experiences and the truths that the best parent, the First Parent, our Heavenly Father, has shared with me. Please join me on this adventure of parenting… one of the most rewarding positions in life.

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