Trip Trunk Treats – Part II

“Worship the Lord your God, and his blessing will be on your food and water …”

Exodus 23:25 (NIV)


Last time we were together I spoke about how God sometimes will even answer selfish prayers with a “yes,” just because He loves us. He provided a rebate check for us to use for trip trunk treats for our getaway to Ohio.

Today let me share about how God goes above and beyond at times for us as well. Two years ago we made this exact trip when our oldest turned 16. It was his turn to spend the day with his dad and I had the privilege of hanging with our other two children. I say that because this time around, I knew what to expect and could plan a little better.

We would be at the hotel all day long with plenty to keep us busy, but I like waking up with a cup of “joe” and the only option at this hotel was a Starbucks. We had received a rebate in mid-August for $12 and I was saving it for such a time as this. I was happy to think I had $12 to spend on coffee for myself (I was happy to share with my husband too) and had saved the money specifically for this trip.

The Thursday before we left, I was looking through our emails and came across a Groupon which I almost deleted before I realized what it was – Starbucks – spend $5 and get $10! Using the credit card that had the rebate money on it, I was able to get $17 instead of $12 to spend on coffee for the weekend!

Did I need the extra $5? No. I was happy with the $12 I had been saving. But God is the God of more than enough. God blesses us so that we can in turn bless others. And sometimes God just delights in blessing His children.

Not only did He provide money for us to buy snacks for the kids (something they enjoy on long car rides) but He provided an extra bonus for me for my coffee fund. And, on our trip, I didn’t spend the entire amount, so now I have extra that my husband and I can go on a coffee date (apple cider for him, pumpkin latte for me) that is totally paid for by Abba Himself.

Does God always answer “yes” to our prayers? No, sometimes He answers “no” and those are just as important as the “yeses.”

Come back tomorrow and I will share how rebates for trip trunk treats and Starbucks was about so much more than snacks and coffee. It prepared me to hear and actually be excited about a huge “no” I received that same week, about something so much more important.

© Cheri Swalwell 2018


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