Burden Turned into Blessing

I’m reading a book right now that told the story of a married couple in which the husband sustained a closed head injury as a child, resulting in the loss of his short-term memory. While the doctors were able to help him recover, he lives with a maximum two-minute retention of memory. He can learn things, but they must be rehearsed many, many times until they become part of his long-term memory.


“Most people think that having this memory thing is so stressful on a marriage, and thus they assume it’s a negative thing. It certainly has its drawbacks, but the Lord has revealed several huge lessons” through her husband’s disability.

“When Patrick sees someone who is clearly having a bad day, he’s happy to listen to them and let them blow off steam, reminding them, ‘You can tell me anything and get it off your chest. I won’t tell anyone because I won’t remember it two minutes from now. But if it makes you feel better for saying it out loud and it helps you move on, I’m here for you. And you’ll never have to look at me with guilt because I won’t ever remember the conversation.”


What would it be like if I could be that person? If I could be a safety net for others to vent, for them to “tell me anything” because they wouldn’t have to feel guilty around me later or worry I would share their issues with someone else? What a unique gift Patrick offers to his friends. What a way to turn his burden into a blessing for others.


What is a unique blessing you can share with those around you, giving without expecting anything in return?

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