Tuned into His Frequency

“I will place on his shoulder the key to the house of David; what he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.” Isaiah 22:22 (NIV)


Have you heard the phrase when God opens doors, no one else can shut them … and when God shuts doors, no one else can open them? I was sitting here thinking this morning about the different ways God has opened doors for me in my life, from big things to little things that may seem inconsequential to others but are huge blessings to me.


For instance, I belong to a review group and mainly am eligible for eBooks, not paperbacks. One of the books that was available to be requested, I felt God nudging me that I was supposed to read it. It’s a nonfiction book and I digest nonfiction content better in paperback form. I applied for the book, trusting as I usually do that God would allow me to get it if He wanted me to read it and if I wasn’t chosen, He was saying, “Not this time.” I was fine with either answer.


Last night I received an email that I was one of the ones chosen for the book and when I looked to see whether I was getting an eBook or a paperback, I saw I’ll be receiving a paperback. That may seem inconsequential to you, but it’s very significant to me.

For the month of February God invited me to “do spiritual battle, to intercede” on behalf of someone. I wasn’t sure if I heard God right, but wanted to obey so stepped forward with the little information I had and slowly but surely God’s been affirming and confirming that I’m being obedient with the assignment He invited me too. The major way He wanted me to fight this battle was through worship and praise. So I have been worshipping and praising more than praying.

Then the opportunity came to read and review a specific book that appeared to be the next layer of the assignment. I felt nudged by God to apply for it and then waited, knowing I was probably getting an eBook and being willing to read it that way even though I prefer paperbacks when it comes to lessons He wants to teach me. Getting picked for the team, and then finding out I will be receiving a paperback was further confirmation to me that “What God invites us to an assignment and we step out in obedience, He opens doors no one can shut.”

A lot of times in life I scramble around, afraid I’m missing assignments God wants me to experience, walking through doors that I’m not sure He invited me to because I “just don’t want to miss out on His blessings” or maybe I just don’t want to be left behind. I’m realizing living that way is really living in fear. Fear of being left behind. Fear of missing the mark.

I have experience in what God’s nudges feel like. I have heard Him invite me to areas of life before … and I trust Him enough that He will continue to invite and nudge me as long as I surrender my will to His each and every day.

My desire is to live tuned to His frequency. Not scrambling around requesting five books to review “because He might want to use me,” but instead pausing and taking a few minutes to ask Him if He wants me to read and review a particular book before requesting it.

Reading and reviewing books is a little thing compared to all the opportunities presented to us on a daily basis and that is just one small example I’m using. But when I choose to invite God into every situation in my life – my job choices, my friend choices, my lifestyle choices, my recreational choices – then I will start to live my best and not always be scrambling to catch up.

My goal is to remember that truth on a daily basis and not just every once in a while.


Do you struggle in that area too? If so, what is one change you can make in your daily life that will help you focus on hearing God’s invitations and tuning out the rest of the noise?


© Cheri Swalwell 2019

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