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Yeses and No’s

I had a conversation with God the other day. For the past six years He has taken our family on a journey, and taught me along the way I can trust Him with every area of our lives: safety, finances, etc.

I realized during that conversation, the trust He was building in me referred to my employment as well. I have spoken previously, in the last few weeks, about how sometimes I live with a fear mentality, of being afraid I’m missing assignments God wants me to experience, walking through doors that I’m not sure He invited me to because I “don’t want to miss out on His blessings” or maybe I simply don’t want to be left behind.

God took that realization from a few weeks ago and invited me into a more in-depth conversation with Him. What if, instead of living in fear and taking every single opportunity presented to me so I don’t “miss His calling,” what if I took as much time as was needed to have a conversation with Him about each opportunity, listening for His voice, His specific answer for each specific opportunity, before proceeding?   I always thought I did that, but I think I lived with a fear mentality more than I realized.

What if I trusted Him enough to bring me to the doors He wants to open for me and to close the doors He wants closed, instead of living in fear that I won’t hear Him correctly?

How different would my life look? Would I be more relaxed and peaceful knowing I was where God wanted me, and in His time He would promote me to my next assignment? Would I be able to give up “the perfect job,” and trust God if His answer was different than I thought it should be? Would I be able to rejoice with my friends and family when they seem to step into their callings … while I continue to wait?

What about you? Have you ever dealt with similar feelings? Can you honestly say you trust God with every aspect of your life, both the ‘yeses’ and the ‘nos’?  


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