One Choice Away from Your Future Snapshot …

I’ve begun a new lifestyle … or maybe I should say I’m getting serious again about making lifestyle changes to better my life, my health, my overall well being.

A friend invited me to join a Bible study with her about healthy eating. Many, many things in the study spoke directly to my heart and the struggles I face with living a healthy lifestyle, but today I want to encourage others with just one truth.

I live with self-imposed condemnation for all the negative choices I have made in the far away past and the not-so-distant past that have gotten me to the point in my health that I’m living now. However, condemnation never helped anyone. Living with guilt doesn’t help one break free; it keeps one continually in bondage.

The Bible study put it into a better perspective for me: What I see when I look at myself in a picture is only a snapshot of my past choices. Nothing more, nothing less.


And … the choices I make today will become my snapshot of the future. So, if I don’t like the snapshot I see in the picture, it’s as simple as making different choices.

Just like the Christian life. While choosing to become a Christian is so easy, living out the life of a Christ follower is anything but easy.

Choosing to change my future snapshot is easy. Walking out the different choices I need to make for that to happen is anything but.

However, God never asked us to live out the Christian life alone … and I don’t have to live out making better lifestyle choices alone either.


What about you? Do you live with self-imposed condemnation for a specific area in your life? If you’ve asked God for forgiveness, He has forgotten your sins and wants you to also.

Do you like the snapshot of yourself in all areas of your life? If not, what changes can you begin making today to guarantee your future snapshot will be one you like seeing instead? Feel free to share by commenting … or if it’s too personal, you can email me if you want to talk to someone but not the whole group:

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