A New Perspective on Life …

The last three weeks have been extremely stressful and busy for me. God, in all His loving kindness, showed me through another’s blog that my perspective had been skewed in the wrong direction.

I was looking at my schedule and “to do” list in crisis mode, when really everything I was dealing with centered around deadlines, plain and simple.

Deadlines can be stressful, but at the end of the day, that’s all they are is deadlines. Most individuals try to meet their deadlines, sometimes deadlines have to be adjusted, but overall, they are just deadlines.

A crisis is something far more serious with more lasting consequences. Crisis usually involves life-altering moments; deadlines are just inconveniences at worst, part of life at best.

After God spoke those reassuring words to me which helped me bring my perspective back in line with His, I was able to share that encouragement with one of our children less than 30 minutes later. When I explained to him what God had showed me, our child quickly calmed down to and was able to meet the deadline without any further stress.


Have you struggled with the difference between deadlines and crises in your life, similar to my struggle? Has God’s perspective on this matter helped you feel more peace? I’d love to continue this conversation with you.

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