Prayer: A Command, not a Request

I heard on the radio recently how the North Koreans continue to be persecuted daily; yet they spend the majority of their time praying for their leaders. Not just praying for them in a rote sort of way, but believing God will get hold of their lives and they will become Christ followers, which ultimately would change the trajectory of their lives.

Lately I’ve been struggling with praying for a few specific people in my life. I’ve been frustrated and instead of regularly praying for blessing and favor in their lives (as God calls us to do regularly), I’ve been focused more on the ways I’m frustrated and not praying for them at all.

I was convicted when I heard about the North Koreans above. If they are willing and eager to pray for their leaders, knowing that is the only way real change will occur in their country, what is my excuse? Why am I dropping the ball and refusing to obey God’s simple command.

As I talk about a lot recently, God’s simple commands are … simple, but that doesn’t make them easy. Yet, God never called us to easy, He called us to obedience.


How about you? Do you feel convicted when you think about the consistent prayers of the persecuted North Koreans or, unlike me, do you regularly pray for those that frustrate you?

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  1. Thank you Cheri for this great reminder as I do well for awhile, then stop at times when I need to continue to be obedient no matter what I see or don’t see because God is in control and I need to trust him. Hugs

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