Oh no he won’t …

I’ve started watching reruns of Criminal Minds with one of our children. One thing that has stood out to me when watching it is this: the psychopaths that they are after, the majority of them anyway, love being credited for the evil they commit. They want people to know about their horrific crimes and feel in some sort of twisted way that they will receive glory and fame for being known as the “_____ killer” or whatever title the police give to them.

On average, I don’t like to give the enemy too much credit for what happens in my life.

I look at this way: he gets pleasure in seeing me suffer. When I give him credit for the pain I’m going through, the trials I’m facing, or the struggles that don’t seem to let up, and then I complain about them instead of focusing on trusting God to get me through them, I give him too much power and I make him happy.

If there is any goal I’m focused on it’s this: I do not want to make the enemy happy. I don’t want to give him pleasure. And I certainly don’t want him strutting around saying, “look there, I did that. I’m pretty amazing, aren’t I?’

I love how Criminal Minds reminded me of that truth. I’m going to continue to ask God to help me focus on Him, the problem solver, instead of the problem I’m facing and giving any kind of pleasure to the enemy in the meantime.


What about you? Have you ever thought about it that way? Maybe you have a different perspective you would like to share instead? I’m interested in hearing what you have to say.


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