Just Because …

For the past three years or so, my husband has made it a ritual to take each of our kids out separately. They will go to breakfast, then run some errands, and eventually head home. I’m usually home with the remaining two kids: sometimes I use that time to write, sometimes we use it to clean, sometimes we use it to watch a movie and hang out. It varies week to week depending upon our schedule.

I love this habit for a variety of reasons. First, it gives my husband uninterrupted time with each of our kids every three weeks. They need that time with him and he needs that time with them.

Second, and less important, I love when they come home because they always have something for me to ooh and ahhh over. Whether it new movies (and books) they got at the library, or sometimes they will bring me home something special.

Take, for instance, this week. I had writing and organizing on my “to do” list this week. I had asked my husband last night if tomorrow we could stop at a store because we would be in the area to pick up some decaf coffee. He agreed and I thought nothing else of it.

Today … he comes home and hands me a bag, which indicates to me I was on the receiving end of a “just because” present. Not only did he buy me the specific coffee I asked for, but I got a new flavor of M&Ms to try also! Talk about speaking my love language!

It’s those little things, which are really big things that make family so special.


What was the last “little thing that was really a big thing” someone close to you did “just because” they knew it would make you smile?


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