Happy Father’s Day!

I am blessed to have two amazing dads. One was given to me at birth; the other was given to me when I married my husband. Both are amazing men that I want to honor today.


Thank you, Dad, for your support, encouragement, and love throughout the years. You taught me how to fix things around the house, gave me a love for learning, showed us how important making memories and having fun was, and most of all, taught me how to love God. I will always treasure our mornings coloring and watching TV before school, watching thunderstorms together on the porch, and serving together at church and in the community.

Thank you, Dad, for raising my husband to be the man he is. Thank you for loving me as a daughter, not a daughter-in-law, and all the “little” things you have done (and still do) throughout the years. It may not seem important to you, but running to the store when our kids were sick for crackers and Gatorade, the beautiful Christmas mug you bought me one year “just because it looked like something I would like,” and the many family dinners we have had over the years have meant to much to me.


Today I want to honor and thank the dads in my life for their legacy of love. We are blessed to have them be such important men in our lives. Looking forward to many more years of making memories together.


© Cheri Swalwell 2019

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