Marrying Up

You know how people talk about when they got married, they married “up?” I definitely married up!


I have a husband who is a true spiritual leader in our home, and he demonstrates that each and every day. He never asks us to do more than he’s willing to do himself, and most of the time, he just quietly does it for us so that we don’t have to.


I know that he prays for us every day. He and I pray together every morning as well, but I love that he covers me and our kids in prayer (as well as extended family and friends) on his own.


He may be considered “quiet” by many, but he’s so much more than that. He is observant, intelligent, and slow to speak, but when he does, wisdom comes out of his mouth as well as gentleness, fairness, and kindness to all involved. He weighs all angles before considering a response and I can be confident that the decision he made is one I can trust (and back him up).

He has a great sense of humor and leads our family with an attitude of fun. He knows how to not take himself (or the situation) too seriously and helps me (his wife who can be way too intense at times) to loosen up and remember to laugh.


He has a great shoulder to lean on when I need to cry and lets me share my feelings without judgment. He’s a great balance of objectivity to my (at times) overly emotional self.

He’s an amazing father to our sons and also to our daughter. I think it takes a special personality to be able to parent both sons and daughters well – and he has that skill mastered. He’s protective but fair; wants the best for all of us, and is willing to explain the “why” behind the rules.


We are team when it comes to life – whether parenting, serving, life goals, or just living. He has my back and I have his. He has been my biggest supporter in this crazy adventure of writing … and I can never express adequately my gratitude for that support.


What about you? If you’re married, what are some things about your spouse that make him/her so special? I’d love to hear you brag about your spouse in the comments below.

© Cheri Swalwell 2019

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