Like millions of people across the world …

Like millions of people across the world, our family was excited about the sequel to Avengers: Infinity War. While I don’t usually take the time to go watch movies in the theatre, this was one our family bought tickets for ahead of time and went to see on its opening weekend.


While I wasn’t sure what to expect (I was depressed for about six months after seeing Infinity War, so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to set myself up for more disappointment), but choosing optimism, I chose to believe there would be a happy ending.

Being opening weekend, the theatre was packed. We were sitting together, with a few friends who came with us on one side and strangers filling in the empty seats all around us.


It was one of the best movie experiences ever. Everyone who was there (I assume anyway from the reaction throughout the movie) had already seen Infinity War and was ready for End Game. We formed an instant connection as the movie progressed – laughing together when favorite characters came on screen, shedding tears (at least I did) when the unexpected happened, and even cheering during certain pivotal moments.

When the movie ended and the lights came back, we all returned to our individual cars and driving home to our individual neighborhoods; but for three hours, we were unified, connected, part of a group that cheered, cried, and laughed together.


Even though what connected us was simply a group of “Avengers” created by Stan Lee, it felt nice for a moment to have a common bond.


What would life be like if we started to see others around us (strangers that fill in the empty seats in our lives) as part of our tribe? Welcoming that lonely mother at school who might just need a friend? Inviting a friend to church because God nudged you she might be receptive? Taking someone else out for coffee because she looked like she might need a shoulder to cry on?


What if we chose to laugh together, cheer together, and cry together – accepting others with the goal of introducing them to the One who truly does change lives through the gift of salvation? What if?


© Cheri Swalwell 2019

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