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I like staying busy …

Like many other people, throughout my life I’ve worked multiple jobs at the same time. I like variety, and I have been blessed to enjoy most aspects of what I do, so it’s worked out well.


However, approximately 16 months ago, God gave me a dream where He specifically told me the following: If I have too much on my schedule, not all will be done correct. Some will be done perfectly, some partially, some not at all.


Thinking back over what He said, I have started to examine my schedule and see what needs to stay, what needs to go, and what needs to be adjusted.


I started with adjusting my schedule in my personal life. Beginning with prayer, I asked God to start taking things off my plate and when given opportunities to add more, to please let it be crystal clear whether I should say “yes” or “no”.



Next, I had a conversation with one of my three bosses, and the result has been really positive. I have had some things taken off my plate which allows for more “perfection” in what has remained.


Yesterday I was working and it struck me. Because my boss heard my heart in our conversation and has made my work more manageable, I end the day feeling satisfied that what I’m presenting back to him is high quality work. I have the time to be creative (which is part of my job description), to give the time needed in the customer service areas of the job, and work with excellence as I have always tried to, but fallen short when there was too much work and not enough hours.


While my job is still very busy, it’s much less busy than it was even three weeks ago.


I had felt like a failure for about four years now. That I wasn’t able to help grow the areas I was assigned and I was a mediocre employee at best, not capable of doing the job at worst.


However, I see now it wasn’t a matter of being capable; it was that I was attempting too much. With a more manageable (still busy) workflow, my abilities are able to be seen and I can take pride in my job again.


It’s so important to ask for God’s best “yes” before saying “yes” to the next thing. Have you ever been in that position where you’re more than qualified to do your job, but something is preventing your best from showing up?


Please reply in the comments if you have a similar story to share, or if you have encouragement to give to those wondering how to find God’s best yes for their lives.


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