A litmus test of sorts …

I’ve had this habit for quite a while that I kind of enjoy. I’m not sure exactly when I started thinking this way, but I find it very helpful. I call it my litmus test of sorts.


When I’m faced with a particular situation and have two ways I can react, I ask myself this question: When I get to heaven someday and stand before God, what is He going to care about more? Choice A or Choice B?


One example that I am faced with on a regular basis is keeping a clean house. We have three kids, busy lives (as does everyone who is reading this) and assigned chores. I have not done a great job teaching my kids to pick up after themselves when they are done with something. They are great at cleaning the house and doing their chores, but daily picking up after themselves hasn’t been a priority.


When it gets too messy for my liking, I remind myself of my litmus test: when I stand before God someday, is He going to be more concerned with how clean our house was … or more concerned that I chose loving responses and biblical parenting? I think He will be more concerned with the way I built up our relationships instead of how tidy our house looked 24/7.

This litmus test can fit any situation: work, family, extended family, friends, even strangers on the street.


Will I choose to honk at the person who refuses to move out of my way, or will I show God’s love and wait patiently, even if it means waiting through two cycles of a red light?


Will I choose to do extra chores around the house because my kids have finals or my husband is working extra overtime, or will I sit on the couch and relax ‘because I deserve it’ expecting them to do it all?


Unfortunately, I don’t remember to do it all the time or with everyone, but I’m getting better at practicing this habit on a daily basis.


Is this something you would like to start trying yourself? If so, who will be the first one you try it with?


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