Obedience Brings Blessings …

I’ve talked (probably too many times) about my love/hate relationship with getting (and staying) healthy. Unfortunately, my personality type is the kind when I’m under stress, I eat. I wish I was like many of my friends and pushed away from food during stressful times.


I know what I need to do, and have seasons where I do really well, but I’m not satisfied with seasons. I want a complete and total heart change. And part of accomplishing that heart change (for me) is complete obedience.


I know what I need to do, what God has shown me works for my personality, body type, etc. and what’s left is putting one foot in front of the other, or in some cases, pushing that plate away, and doing it.


One activity I was consistent with (and really enjoyed) was walking on our treadmill. It was 30 minutes every morning of “me time” I could do while my family was getting ready. I could read my book, relax, and get the energy I needed to fuel my day.

Last year our treadmill broke … or was in the process of breaking. Smelling burnt rubber while exercising isn’t a good sign. We looked into getting it fixed, but it was going to cost way too much, and eventually, in December, to make room for our Christmas tree, we disassembled it and said goodbye.


I told God I’d really love to have a treadmill again, but He would have to bring it to me because the price of one wasn’t in our budget.


In the meantime, I brought up our exercise bike, but it had arm handles that kept whacking me in the face and wasn’t comfortable. I couldn’t read while riding and eventually quit pretending I was going to use it.


God kept speaking to me about obedience and surrender. Obeying His way, not halfheartedly or “my way” (which wasn’t real obedience). And in July I realized I wanted to (once again) do it His way, not mine.


The week I recommitted my lifestyle to His way, I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a neighbor (and friend) was selling a treadmill. I prayed about it, asked my husband if he minded if I checked it out (and bought it for the right price) and decided we would swing by on our way home. If it was gone, then it wasn’t meant to be. If it was still there, it might be God’s answer to helping me commit to exercising again.


Two hours later I stopped at her house and it was still there. She gave me a great price (better than I had hoped) and I got a new to me treadmill. I hadn’t been so excited to work out in a long time!


When we choose to do life God’s way, He blesses those choices. Every time I get on the treadmill, I remember how God wants me to succeed in obeying Him more than I desire to obey. And that feels good!

Is there an area in your life where God is calling you to obey? It might not be in the area of a healthy lifestyle. What’s one step you can take today to move forward in the right direction?


© Cheri Swalwell 2019



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