I’m Sorry … For What?

Our family participated in swimming lessons this past summer. We were taking them as a refresher course, but there were some students present who had never had any lessons.


On the first day there, there was a lot of fear on several faces. My mother’s heart felt for these kids as they learned how to be comfortable in the water, that they could in fact trust the coach to keep them from drowning, and as they learned how to build their confidence in the water.


The coach knew what it would take to get these kids from fearful to confident in 10 short lessons and he pushed them outside of their comfort zones from day one. He knew it was the best way to teach confidence and help them learn how to save themselves in the water instead of drowning.


At the end of that first lesson, I overheard a young boy walk up to his parent, tears streaming down his face, and apologize. The mom responded to the boy’s tears with, “Why are you sorry? You did great! Even though you were afraid, you did everything the coach asked you to do the best you knew how. I’m so proud of you! You have nothing to say you’re sorry about.” She then wrapped him in a big hug, continuing to tell him how proud she was of the hard work he did.

Watching that interaction, I wondered if that is how our Heavenly Father sees us sometimes. When He calls us to do something in life, or when life seems particularly hard and we choose faith and obedience despite the difficulties, does He see our obedience and willing heart (despite our fear)?

I know God has invited me to some tough assignments in life. I have chosen to step out in faith (and obedience), trembling the whole time, not knowing who I can trust and feeling like a failure because of doing it imperfectly or afraid.


But I believe God is there, waiting to wrap me up in His big arms, proud that I obeyed, pleased that I did it in faith (even though afraid), knowing the outcome because He sees the big picture.


Just as that mom by the pool knew in ten short days, if her child continued to work hard and obey the coach’s directions, he would learn how to swim as well as build confidence in the water, our Heavenly Father knows if we continue in faith and obedience to step out and work on the assignments He gives us, we too will succeed for Him as well as build confidence in the gifts He’s teaching us.


What’s one area in your life where God is asking you to build confidence, step out in faith, and obey?


© Cheri Swalwell 2019

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