Several years ago I worked a job for a Christian organization where I ran a live chat once a month. Giving out prizes was one of the highlights of the month. The group was made up of approximately 100 faithful readers and we had become a real community of believers.

One particular month, I turned to my daughter and asked if she wanted to pick. She readily agreed, looked over the names, and gave me her choice.

I put the phone on speaker, dialed, and the conversation went something like this:

“Hello? Is _________ there?”

“Hi, Cheri.”

“How did you know it was me?” (I was laughing because I figured this wonderful lady had caller ID since I hadn’t introduced myself yet.)

“During my quiet time today, the Holy Spirit told me I was going to win tonight and when you called, I was to ask you to pray with me.”

I was speechless as the presence of God surrounded me. There was a few seconds of silence before I replied, “I have to be honest. I didn’t pick your name. My daughter, who is sitting right here listening to our conversation, is the one who chose your name.”

While my shock kept me from remembering her response, I do remember asking her what God wanted me to pray with her about and she proceeded to tell me.

At that point in my spiritual walk, when someone would ask me to pray for them, I promised I would and moved on. However, that particular night, I told her if it was okay with her, we would pray right then. And we did. It was one of the most beautiful moments where the Holy Spirit was fully present.

That moment was the beginning of a beautiful, God-inspired friendship.

Have you ever had a similar situation in life when God seems to handpick a friendship, relationship, or maybe even your spouse? When you knew meeting a particular person wasn’t a coincidence but a God incidence?


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