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Would you answer a question for me?

I have a question for all my fiction-loving friends. I’m currently writing a six-book series tentatively titled “The Redeeming of Green Pines,” where you will be introduced to a whole community of people I hope you grow to love as much as I do.


While I have two six-book series I have been waiting to write literally for years, most of the other stories God has placed on my heart are two-book series or standalones.

The Redeeming of Green Pines is women’s fiction; stories that deal with issues women (and men) struggle with, all told in a way that encourages you in a deeper relationship with God all while (hopefully) entertaining, encouraging, and maybe even making you think after you have closed the last page.


While some of the topics are deep, they aren’t considered scary by any stretch of the imagination. Real life topics with imperfect characters trying to live in a way that honors God.


I have one book, though, that can’t wait to be told. I “wrote” it four or five years ago during the summer while mowing our grass. It’s outlined, saved on my computer, and the characters are so real to me, you would think they were my next door neighbors.


However, the topic surrounding the story is a little edgier, but told in a way that glorifies God and tastefully done. It’s a book I wouldn’t be embarrassed to have my mom read.


My question for you is this: Do you enjoy reading books about imperfect people, living in a sinful world, dealing many times with the effects of other people’s sin and how it affects their lives?


Would you be interested in reading about a variety of storylines and subjects, even if some have a little more mature subject matter, yet tastefully written?


What is your favorite kind of Christian fiction? I’d love to know. Please reply in the comments below.



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