Prayer …

What happens when you pray? Do you feel encouraged, happier, more hopeful, and remember ways God has provided, protected and overall feel loved by the God of the Universe? Does prayer (usually) make you happier than you were before you prayed?

I have one particular Sister in Christ (SiC) who lives far enough away from me that we only get to talk on the phone. In fact, we’ve never met face to face (ever), yet we’re as close as family.

The first season of our friendship we emailed frequently but spoke on the phone maybe once or twice a month at most, and it was usually because one or the other was asking for prayer.

The next season we had time to talk (hours) almost each and every day. We would always pray, although not always first, sometimes after catching up with each other.

Eventually Abba told us He wanted us to pray first, and then talk. Most of the time we obeyed, but sometimes we would fall back into the habit of talking first with the plan of praying later … and something would come up and we would miss the opportunity to pray together.

We soon realized our obedience (when we’d pray first, talk later) blessed us as well as pleased our Father. Because when we prayed, God spoke promises over our lives, gave us hope during tough seasons, and reminded us of the ways He has answered prayers in the past and can do it again.

What does your prayer life look like? Do you like praying alone or with a friend?

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