Family Reunion

Our family switched churches approximately six years ago. While God had been calling us away from our “then” current church to a new church for months previously, when we finally found the new church He wanted us to call home, there was conflict in the church we were leaving and quite a few people left at the same time.


As we settled into our new church body, we began recognizing familiar faces we had worshipped with in a different sanctuary weeks prior.

One thing which stood out to me was how, even though we all knew the circumstances which stirred some families’ transition to a different house of worship was less than ideal, when we reunited in a different building, there was no gossip about what had been left behind but instead we chose to focus on a joyful reunion.


We never had to wonder if our conversations would be overheard and we never had to fear “facing those people” we had talked about behind their back. We were able to live out in the open, without worry of “getting caught.”


Our family found out months later part of our new church’s policy is “always think the best of others” and “let all your speech be edifying.”


What about you? Do you have similar rules in your home, your church, for your life? Do they bring about a natural peace because others feel safe, knowing they won’t be the subject of conversation when they aren’t present?


© Cheri Swalwell 2019

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