God nudge …

A few years back I was at the grocery store on a Sunday night. Mondays (at that season in my life) were one of my catch-up days. Appointments, writing, phone calls – that was the day I used to get things done I didn’t normally have time for in order to work hard Tuesday through Thursday.

However, while at the store, I mentioned to my husband I felt like God was inviting me to ask a friend out to breakfast the next day. I knew it was short notice and I wondered if she would say ‘no’ because of that, but I asked anyway out of obedience.

After texting her the invitation, it wasn’t five minutes later and she had accepted. I didn’t know exactly what we were going to talk about, but I knew I was supposed to ask.

While eating breakfast the next morning, God guided the conversation and I was able to offer some encouragement in an area where she was struggling, an area that I understood well, and we prayed right there in McDonalds for peace, guidance and wisdom.

Have you ever felt God nudge you to extend an invitation to a friend, cook dinner for someone, or offer to babysit for another? What do His nudges look like to you?

© Cheri Swalwell 2019

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