The more the merrier …

I’ve talked many times about my “Sister in Christ” (SiC) who regularly walks with me. We also attend the same church and our boys are in the same grade, same class so we have lots of time to spend with each other, sharing life and making memories.

However, without talking to the other specifically about it, we have always wanted to make anyone who wants to join us feel welcome. The more the merrier.

You want to walk with us and you can’t make it in the morning? We’ll walk in the morning and once a week after school.

You want your child to take swimming lessons with ours? The more the merrier. We’ll save you a seat on the bench.

We both have made a point as well to invite others to share church with us. We both enjoy how much we get fed every week (through worship and preaching) and we want to share that with anyone who wants to come. Our goal is to make sure everyone feels welcome and included because they are!

Do you have that type of relationship with other women?

If not, is God nudging you to extend that invitation to another who may be wanting a close friendship but doesn’t want to invite herself in?

© Cheri Swalwell 2019

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