Season of transition

The last few years our family has been in a state of transition. Our children are growing up and transitioning out of the home, we bought two “new to us” cars in one week at the same time we were negotiating a settlement for our roof and siding (all thanks to the hail storm we experienced this past summer) among other bigger life promotions.

Through all these changes, God has offered me a choice: embrace the fact life is full of change (good and less-than-ideal) or resist and make yourself and others around you miserable.

I’m learning not only how to surrender gracefully, but to embrace change and find joy during the different seasons. Some days are harder than others; some days I fail miserably. Rarer still do I succeed, but I’m learning.

Each day I’m reminded by a great friend to offer myself some grace in the midst of the transitions, changes, and new seasons.

I’m encouraged to lean on others who have been there ahead of me … and then offer encouragement and support to those who are coming behind me.

As we enter into 2020, what changes, transitions, and life promotions do you see on your horizon?

Do you have someone to lean on for encouragement and is there someone a little further behind you that you can then reach back and offer a helping hand to as well?

© Cheri Swalwell 2019

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