Candlelight Eve …

As you think ahead to what you envision your holidays looking like this year, do you want to make them more simple or do you have creativity ready to ooze out?


For the last few years I have enjoyed simplifying our celebration and spending time relaxing and refreshing with simple things like movie marathons, game nights, and puzzle marathons.


Probably one of my favorite Christmas traditions is our whole family attending the Christmas Eve candlelight service before beginning the celebration at my in-laws house.

It’s the perfect way (for me) to usher in the festivities by focusing on God and the reason we celebrate. Singing Silent Night while the sanctuary is bathed in candlelight is by far something I look forward to every year. And it never fails – I always end up crying from the emotional impact it has on me as I prepare my heart.


What is one family tradition you have that you look forward to every year?

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