God Loves …

One winter, while my “Sister in Christ” (SiC) and I were still getting to know each other, I went through a very dark season. I felt hopeless and as though I was the expendible one to God in all the scenarios in my life. It felt as though He was blessing others in their lives, but I was the scapegoat, the one who was forgotten.

I’m ashamed now to admit those feelings, fully knowing God doesn’t treat any of His children that way; but at the time, those were my feelings and I was struggling.

However, I hadn’t shared those feelings at the time with anyone, even my Sister in Christ because saying them out loud sounded foolish, even to my ears.

But God … He revealed to my SiC how I needed extra encouragement and then proceeded to tell her how He wanted her to show me how He (and she) loved me.

He started with a Bible verse a day for the whole month of December. It took me probably half of the month before I realized when she told me “Abba wanted me to share this with you,” she really meant Abba told her to send me that particular verse that particular day. By the time I understand it, I got excited to see what the verse would be the next day and the next day and the next … because they were always relevant to what was happening on those particular days.

Next He encouraged my SiC to send our family a HUGE box of presents for Christmas. There were all kinds of goodies in there, including a 24-count box of coconut mocha K-cups. While that might seem like an ordinary present to some, it was God’s way of showing me I mattered to Him. Back in July, I had seen this particular flavor of coffee at our local library, but didn’t feel worthy (or justified) spending 75 cents to try it.

I prayed during the summer, telling God if He wanted me to have this coffee, He would have to supply it. He not only supplied one cup for me to try, but 24 cups! It is one of my absolute favorite flavors to this day, probably because of Who introduced me to it!

Have you ever been that type of friend to another? Listening to God’s nudges and then walking in obedience to encourage, support, or pray for someone?

© Cheri Swalwell 2019



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