God nudges

I decided in September to try something new … and it was a God nudge that started it. I decided I was going to keep my eyes and ears open 24/7 for God nudges, and when I felt one, I would act on it, whether or not I wanted to.


Now, while I didn’t do this perfectly, I did react to God nudges more than previously. And it was fun! Who doesn’t want to enter into an “I’m listening, God,” game every day.


Some of the nudges included texting friends when they came to mind to let them know I was thinking about them (or more importantly to let them know God was thinking about them) or baking brownies or something else yummy for my contractor as a thank you for all the extra work he did to help us get the repairs for our house. Setting boundaries and using the word “no” more often than usual because God was inviting me into a busier-than-usual writing season and I needed time (and energy) to accomplish that.

Sometimes, though, God would nudge and I was either too tired, too embarrassed, too stubborn, or too lazy to want to follow through. And I regret those times.


I love living my life in tune with God’s nudges. Like I said, I don’t have a perfect track record, but I do know when I listen, He blesses me. And when I don’t, I regret it.


Just remember though, God doesn’t nudge us to do anything that doesn’t line up with the Bible. The things He nudges us to accomplish draw people to Him, not away from Him.


Have you ever been nudged by God … and if you have, do you follow through right away, does it take some convincing, or do you ignore it?


© Cheri Swalwell 2020

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